4 in 1 Beautiful Skin Time Reverse Device. Technology from Japan! Visible results is guranteed!
Skin Scrubber
Accelerate the metabolism of epidermis cells and renew. Promote blood circulation, discharge toxins, and speeds up the moisture & nutrition absorption.
Hot & Cold Rejuvenator
Wrinkle and pigmentation reduction, shrink pores and blood vessels, eliminates toxins, and promote blood circulation.
Sweep Spot Pen
INSTANT sweep freckles, senile plaques, and moles. Removal of spots can be achieved without any bleeding. It is Fast, Safe, and NO side effect.
Skin Cooler
Minimizes discomfort, irritation and redness, No mess, Convenience, and Easy to use, Minimizes pores, Reduce puffiness and swelling face and body.
Silver MTS System
Reduce the appearance of large pores by producing more collagen and slightly thickening epidermis, and ligtehn age spots and scars.
Premium Gold MTS System
Speed up the absorption of nutrients, smoothen the skin, improve the skin elasticity and regulate skin renewal.
Superior Silver MTS System with Dial
Prevent premature skin aging by triggering collagen and elastic growth, boost the absorption of the skincare active ingredients. GREAT for lash growth, lip and mesoBB treatment