Brightening action
Uneven coloured skin that needs brightening Daily exposure to UV rays and in general incorrect exposure to the sun, smog (with the production of free radicals that oxidise the skin), stress and also hormonal imbalance, or even the use of oral contraceptives and physiological variations linked to pregnancy leave skin less elastic and unevenly coloured over time.
A radiant look is the real secret of health and therefore youthful skin. Maintaining it as long as possible helps to keep the signs of age at bay. A global action that leaves the skin radiant with even Colouring. Brightens complexion Lighten pigmentation Banish yellowish skin tone even out skin colour tone.
Glabridine : Flavonoid lipophilic extract from Glycyrrhiza Glabra, which regulates working of the tyrosinase enzyme and therefore of melanin synthesis. It works on pigmentation disorders with an anti-oxidant effect that makes the skin glow.
Symphytum officinale (Consolida) Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice), Arctium lappa (Bard anal) : Active complex of botanical molecules from the plant's rhizomes with a soothing, calming action. It repairs the skin from micro- attacks, preventing surface alterations and unwanted pigmentation.
Malic Tartaric Citric, Glycolic and Lactic acid : Stimulates cell renewal in a controlled manner, eliminating corneal thickening and making the tissue more radiant. It increases tissue receptivity.
Beta-glucan : Polysaccharide (sugar) extracted from yeast cell wall (Saccaromyces cerevisae) delivered through innovative microsponges that guarantee its stability and allow gradual continual release in to the skin throughout the day. It stimulates the formation of collagen, increases epithelisation and has photo -protective effects against the sun's rays (UVA-UVB), preventing the formation of free radicals.
Lipophilic-delivered vitamin C : Catalyses the collagen synthesis reaction, plumping and supporting the tissue. Known for its anti-oxidant action, it protects from the damage caused by free radicals, Vitamin C also helps to lighten and brighten the face.
- Blemished skin
- Blemished skin
- Hyper-pigmentation
- Scar marks lightening
+34% Regulation of the action of Tyrosinase enzyme, with reduction of melanin production
+75% Anti-oxidizing action with protection of film lipids
+46% Elasticizing and anti-ageing action
+28% Erythema (hypersensitivity) reduction
Protective Brightening Emulsion
- 50 ml -
Brightening Vials
- 10 vials, 2.5 ml each -
Cleansing Toner
- 250 ml -
Brightening Mineral Mask
- 250 ml -