An excellent beauty skin equipment that is easy to operate, has no side effects, and delivers great results.
4 functions: Nano-Crystalline Array Penetration Head Microneedle, Cyclic Radiofrequency (Face & Eyes), Mesoporation, Cool V-shaper
1. Nano-Crystalline Array Penetration Head (Nano Pen)
• Diminishes appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Shrink pores
• Treatment of stretch marks
• Strengthens the skin to absorb beauty products. Absorbency of the skin can reach above 40 times
• Treatment of Acne scars and accelerates healing of wounds. Improves acne scars by more than 50%
• Skin rejuvenation and Lifting effect. The skin will have lustre and elasticity
2. Cyclic RF Eye & Face Lift
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Skin rejuvenation and firms the skin, contours the facial skin
• Activate collagen formation and restores skin elasticity
Dr NANO MEIER - Beautiful skin begins at the cell level. An amazing whitening and anti aging treatment
3. Cool Vshaper- Cold hammer
• A cooling probe that helps to soothe and calm the skin after treatment
• To minimize pores
• Defines facial contours
4. Mesoporation
• Soothes skin irritation, redness and rash.
• Refines the pores
• Specific therapeutic properties for sensitive skin and capillaries
• Constricts blood vessels, and is also good for treating acne rosacea
• Soothes and eliminates puffiness and bags under the eyes.
• Rejuvenates the skin, and prevents skin aging
• Smoothes the skin, by moisturizing the skin internally and externally through chemical reactions.
• Lifts and firms the skin.
• Speeds up the healing process of the skin.