REHYDRA LINE   Supreme Moisturization
Dry and arid skin Water is the most valuable asset for life. “Quenching the skin and keeping it constantly hydrated is the most important step in cosmetic treatment of the skin in general, above for those skins that, always or at particular moments in life, suffer from dryness and aridity.
It is not enough to "quench" the tissue from the outside and restore the barrier function of the corneal layer to rebalance the natural flow of water vapour towards the exterior, we must help these skin types to naturally hold onto the water that often decreases due to less than optimum environmental conditions such as the cold, low ambient humidity or even dehydrating chemical agents.
lthaea Of​​ficinalis (highly mucilaginous) : Known as "marshmallow" prevents the natural deterioration of the hyaluronic acid in the skin.
- Hyaluronic Acid : A super-hydrating molecule and matrix of connective tissue, is responsible for maintaining levels of moisture, turgor and elasticity, acting as a binding agent.
- Ximenynic Acid : from Ximena Africana: Called the "sea lemon" from the South African savannah, helps to heal scars, moisturise and protect blood vessels.
- Natural biosaccharide : A polysaccharide blend of galacturonic, fucose and galactose acid, binds the surface water to moisturise and protect.
- Shea Butter : Nourishing, soothing and epithelising with a high content of unsaponifiable substances that are indispensable and fundamental for improving skin tone and maintaining its natural elasticity.
Jojoba oil : Protective, nourishing and softening.
Panthenol : Provitamin B5 with a moisturising, anti-oxidant, protective and stimulating action.
Allantoin : Has great skin repair properties and helps to soften and smooth. It stimulates cell regeneration, calming and protecting the skin.
Distilled Hamamelis water : Refreshes and calms reddening
Extract of Myrothamnus Flabellifolia : Called the Resurrection Plant, which survives in desert conditions and extract of Tamarindus Indica called the Indian date, rich in sugars, vitamins, minerals (in particular iron, potassium and calcium) , pectin and organic acids (citric, tartaric and malic), they hold onto water in the skin, plumping the tissue.
Voandzeia Subterranea : Called groundnut, which grows on the banks of the Nile, stimulates filaggrin synthesis (aggregating keratin) and improves epidermal differentiation.
Illipé butter (Shorea stenoptera) : Nourishing, moisturising and elasticising.
- Dry and dehydrated skin
- Course skin texture
- Maintaining youthful skin
- Post skin peeling/ laser
- Combination skin
+50% Decrease the activity of 5-alfa reductase, to combat excessive sebum secretion
+30% Decrease the sebum level
+78% Matte effect
+78% Increase of hydration
Cleansing Milk
- 200 ml -
Moisturizing Toning Lotion
- 200 ml -
Intensive Moisturising Cream
- 50 ml -
Intensive Moisturising Vials
- 10 x 2.5 ml vial -
Moisturizing Day Cream
- 50 ml -
Moisturising Night Cream
- 50 ml -