Combined Therapy Anti Aging - RF & Moisture (by means of Atomization), and Cold Handle
Benefits: Get rid of tiny wrinkles, Tighten, Brighten skin, Soothe skin, Enhance facial contour, Shrink pores and Increase skin elasticity and moisture
Radio Frequency
Ageless Craft adopts high pulse (Super pulse) electric frequency (1.75MHz) to issue high efficient radiofrequency heat (when the high-efficiency heat is distributed to the deep dermis, the temperature of the dermis and water molecules will increase) The water molecules produce high- speed shock wave to dermal collagen and creates heating effect. When heated to the appropriate temperature, the collagen fibres shrink and tighten.
The radio frequency accelerates regeneration and reconstruction of deep skin tissue.
Moisture Atomization
This uses Nanometer permeating skin care technology to make your skin moist and smooth. It transforms skin care lotion into nano-scale spray so as to enhance penetration to the skin for better absorption. Tightens the skin and keeps your face hydrated.
Skin cooling takes measures at the same time, the dermis is heated and the epidermis to maintain normal temperature. This time there will be two kinds of reactions: First, the dermis of the skin becomes thicker, wrinkles then shallow or disappear. Second, collagen remodelling occurs, resulting in new collagen, the skin becomes more compact after a treatment.
Cryo-skin Therapy
Calms the skin to reduce redness, reduces pores, tightens skin and contours.