Pro Reveal Facial System
Hydro Dermabrasion with Dermal Infusion Technology - the ONLY Hydro Dermabrasion with 2 types of tips for customized skin treatments!
Pro Reveal Facial System uses Dermal Infusion Technology to treats face & body; Achieve Radiant & Rejuvenated Skin in 1 session!
1. Hydro Dermabrasion
Diamond Tips
- Grit Tip
• Slough off the top layer of dead skin cells; especially the buildup of dead skin
• Get rid of damaged skin
- Smooth Tip
• Deep cleanse clogged & infected pores
Vortex Tips
- Small Tip (For Face & Neck)
• Lymphatic drainage detox
• Exfoliate dead cells & impurities
- Big Tip (For Body)
• Lymphatic drainage detox
• Exfoliate dead cells & impurities
2. Multi-polar RF
• Increase collagen synthesis
• Enhance skin elasticity
• Skin rejuvenation; firm and tighten the skin
• Contour the facial shape
• Fine lines and wrinkles reduction
• Promote blood circulation
3. Cyro Therapy
• Soothe skin irritation, redness and rash
• Refine the pores
• Specific therapeutic properties for sensitive skin and capillaries
• Constrict blood vessels, and is also good for treating acne & rosacea
• Soothe and eliminate puffiness and bags under the eyes
• Speed up the healing process of the skin
4. Bio-Current
• Redefine facial contour
• Accelerate cell metabolism
• Improve skin elasticity & anti-aging
• Lift up the skin and tone facial muscles
• Tighten and refine large pores
• Increase blood & lymph circulation