Most Versatile, Multifunction Skin Instrument
Deep Cleansing; Exfoliation, Deep Nutrients Infusion, Collagen Remodeling up to 300%, Lift & Face Contour, Reduce puffy eye area and dark eye circles, Sebum Control, Improve blood and lymph circulation, Wrinkle Reduction, Lighten Pigmentation, Soothing Effect, For all skin types – also for hyper-sensitive
1. Skin Scrubber
• Deep cleanse; Easy removal of surface aged skin, Emulsify and cleanse away debris in pores, Promote product penetration
2. Oxy Spray
• Deep infusion of oxygenated vitamins and antioxidants, Enhance overall hydration
3. Jade Energizer
• Collagen Remodeling up to 300%, Smooth fine lines & wrinkles, Improve skin elasticity
4. Micro-Current
• Lift & tones facial muscles, Increase blood & lymph circulation
5. Cold Handle
• Tighten pores, Shrink blood vessels, Lock skin nutrition & moisture, Effectively used for soothing purpose