Beauty Provider to Medical Spa Businesses
With 30 years of experiences, Pro-Aesthetics has established itself as a specialist in providing extensive array of beauty related equipment and products.
We equip medical spa industries of all sizes and expertise with access to the highest quality and high-technology range of aesthetic equipment. Our medical aesthetics equipment are throughly researched and sourced from the world's best innovators in the advanced technology which definitely suit the modern medical aesthetics business needs.
Besides, they are easily operated, high accuracy, and wide features. Moreover, we also offer a great after sales support in terms of technical services and maintenance of the equipment, training, and marketing supports.
In addition, Pro-Aesthetics is also more than just a technology provider. We offer a seamless OEM / ODM process through individualized design consulting, research and development, branding concept, marketing supports, and the product execution. With the experienced and well trained team in research and development, design and marketing, we have gained the reputation as a capable and knowledgeable leader of beauty provider.
Our team is also innovative, creative, and forward thinking towards customizing ideas and concepts. We bring out the Unique Selling Points of the product and equipment to entice the end customers with the result proven treatments and homecare kits.
Free free to contact for more information on how we could work together, taking the existing and new businesses to the next level!
Let's create the NEW Beauty Opportunity Together!