Emozioni LINE
Lenitive and Refreshing Action
A specific line for reactive, sensitive and/or intolerant skin with reduced defences and tolerability levels. Suitable whenever tissue is easily irritated and as a consequence the skin feels tight, tingles or stings, or even itches and at times flakes.
Epilobium Angustifolium : A grassy plant from the north Canadian prairies, with properties that have permitted it to survive in difficult climatic conditions. It has a powerful soothing and anti-oxidant action and helps to reduce the uneven Colour typical of sensitive skin. It prevents annoying sensations and uncomfortable skin, which are also characteristics of intolerant skin.
Camellia Sinensis : Known as green tea or King of Asia, grown in east and south-east Asia and Chrysanthellum Indicum, known as Golden Chamomile or African Savannah Queen , a herb from the tropical region of Africa combine in a synergy that has an anti-bloating, soothing, draining, anti-oxidant and vein protecting effect with a reduction in vein permeability and an increase in capillary resistance.
Organic extract of Bilberry : Rich in anthocyanins that have a positive effect on vein walls, helping to normalise their resistance (permeability) and elasticity.
Phytosterols and Calendula, Canola and Jojoba oils : Have eudermic, epithelising soothing, anti-oxidant, scar-healing and cooling effects.
Phytosome 18-β Glycyrrhetinic Acid : Extracted from liquorice root. This has been recognised as highly effective against free radicals, with effective soothing and scar healing properties that calm irritation and leave the zone treated pleasantly relieved. Special phytosome preparation (a complex of glycyrrhetinic acid and soy phospholipids) creates a biologically active structure on the epidermis, with a gradual effect and prolonged results over time.
Panthenol : Also called provitamin B5, has a marked humectant action (the capacity to hold onto moisture in the skin, making it soft and elastic). It also stimulates repair of tissues (derm°trophic effect): the newly formed epithelium is more resistant and the layers of the epidermis have a more compact structure.
Allantoin : Is a remarkable repair tool for the epidermis. It boosts the action of glycyrrhetinic acid and has a softening, keratoplastic and smoothing effect. It calms and protects the skin. The synergy of panthenol, allantoin and vitamin E have a specific soothing action.
- Sensitive and Hypersensitive
- Delicate and weakened
- Skin that feels tight and stings
- Itchy / Flaky skin
- Post skin peeling / laser
+80% Dermal repair action, increasing skin vitality
+27% Reduce irritation, similar to cortisone action
+25% Reduce redness: irritation test by inducing UV radiation erythema
+100% Anti-oxidant effect
Cleansing Mousse
- 150 ml -
Tonic Dew
- 200 ml -