Cool-Relax II
Transdermal Delivery System without needle - Penetration of skincare product is above 50%. Greatly Useful Device for Aesthetics Clinics!!!
A non-invasive multi-functional systems that combined 3 actions to enhance treatment results without damaging the biological structure of cells.
1. Deep Cleansing
Emulsify and cleanse away debris in pores, promote product penetration.
2. Eletroporation
A non-invasive electrical treatment which also carries active ingredients into the dermal layers. It delivers active ingredients deeper into the skin while boosting the permeability of the cell membrane, without the use of needles.
3. Intophoresis
Works on ions - water-soluble substances that have either a positive or negative charge. Iontophoresis also delivers product to the skin without using needles. The current "pushes" ionized products into the skin.
4. Cooling
Cool-Relax II provides cooling effect to reduce swelling and redness, shrinks skin pores, tightens the skin and improves elasticity. The cold temperature is -20℃.
5. Heating
The warm effect helps to relax muscles, relieves pain; Stimulates the blood circulation acceleration, so the pores open and can helps the skin to quickly import all kinds of skin care products. The warm temperature is 50℃.