Balance Line
For a Matte Flawless Complexion
A specific line for impure, mixed skins and those with imperfections (dilated pores, shine, bumps and blemishes), which rebalances sebum secretion, smooths and evens out skin texture, guaranteeing a day-long shine-free complexion.
Cucurpita pepo (pumpkin) : which provides proteolytic enzymes tor an effective exfoliating action and cell renewal stimulation.
Avocado : A Mexican fruit that gives an active ingredient (butyl avocadate) for preventing activity by the enzyme 5-alfa, thought to be responsible for the increase in sebum secretion.
Ananas Sativus(Pineapple) : A plant native to South America that belongs to the bromelaceae family, its high bromelain content (a blend of proteolytic enzvmes and AHAs, vitamins from the A, B, and C groups and minerals) helps the keratolytic action: it digests surface proteins (keratin) to combat skin thickening. It also has an anti-bloating effect thanks to its capacity to digest fibrin.
Salix Alba : A plant that grows throughout Europe and contains high levels of phenolic glycosides including salicine, the natural forerunner to salicylic acid and flavonoids like isoquercitrin and tannins. It has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and exfoliating action.
Melaleuca Alternifolia : Distillation of tea tree oil (in turn extracted from melaleuca) gives the molecule terpinol, a very strong antiseptic to with a wide ranging sphere of actions on various strains of bacteria combined with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavandula Angustifolia : An essential oil with a purifying effect.
Silver minerals:With a natural anti-bacteria action.
Absorbent micro-powder : Mineral particles that absorb excess sebum.
- Oily / combination skin
- Blemished skin
- Acne and congested skin
+50% Decrease the activity of 5-alfa reductase, to combat excessive sebum secretion
+30% Decrease the sebum level
+78% Matt effect
+78% Increase of hydration
Cleansing Scrub Gel
- 150 ml -
Concealer Gel
- 15 ml -
Concentrated Vials
- 10 vials, 2.5 ml each -
Matifying Lotion
- 200 ml -
Matifying Cream
- 50 ml -
Spongy Mask
- 350 ml -
Exfoliating Gel
- 500 ml -