75.15 LINE
Resurrection, Regain Beauty, back to YOUTH
With the birth of 75-15 in March 2015, the dream came true through extraction of the crystal from Pistacia Lentiscus resin, we found our ally for Klotho, we perfected the formula of longevity and created a highly innovative line able to intervene on what our body produces to make us feel our best, able to give new youthfulness, light, density and elasticity to the face.
Pistacia Lentiscus Resin Crystals: Obtained using the green technology supercritical CO2 extraction method, it stimulates functioning of the youth proteins (Klotho) in the fibroblasts; thanks to its lifting effect it remodels the facial contours and makes the skin appear redensified and compact again.
Cornflower : A annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family and native to Asia, North America and Europe, it has decongestant and hydrating properties thanks to the formation of a water banner that leaves the skin moisturised and elastic.
Amethyst: A mineral with a deep purple hue thanks to the presence of Manganese (a trace element that helps the physiological cell activity), rich in silica, it hydrates and tones the skin. It featured in ancient legends that make it one of the best-loved Quartz varieties and one of the gems most used for making Jewellery and luxury settings. The Amethyst is also known to have a calming effect on the mind, helping to bring serenity, equilibrium and harmony to the body.
Passion Flower: Rich in Omega 6, it has a maximum-level anti-oxidant and nourishing action, for matt effect skin and absolute softness.
Brown Algae : This stimulates the 1H01 enzyme, which catalyses the production of new anti-oxidants, soothing elements and collagen and permits reabsorption of the haemoglobin released by capillaries, helping to lighten dark shadows. It also reduces fine lines and bags under the eyes, proving to have an exceptional anti-ageing action.
- Skin above 40s
- Matured skin
- Skin lacking in firmness and elasticity
- Wrinkled skin
- Facial contours definition
+20% Increase in skin compactness after 20 days
+80% Reduction in the depth of wrinkles after just 20 days
+12% Increase in skin elasticity from the first session
Cleansing Cream
- 200 ml -
Face Scrub
- 75 ml -
Gel-Like Mask- Face/Eyes
- 15 ml -
Precious Oil Face
- 30 ml -
Intensive Eye Contour
- 30 ml -
Lifting Day Cream
- 50 ml -
Precious Lotion
- 125 ml -
Redensifying Night Cream
- 50 ml -
Sorbet Feel Crema Viso
- 50 ml -
Cleansing Cream
- 500 ml -
Precious Lotion
- 500 ml -
Professional Face Treatment
- 5 items -