Magic Slim
Korean Latest Slimming Aesthetic Equipment - Innovative Multipolar Radio Frequency Technology
3-in-1 Korean Latest Slimming Technology that produces thermal energy to cause lipolysis and break down the cellulite; to promote the regeneration of collagen and tighten the skin
HOW does it work?
1. Radio Frequency:
Targeted throughout the dermal layer of the skin to promote collagen contraction and regeneration, that helps to firm and improve skin texture. Controlled heat energy from 55℃ to 66℃ is delivered via electrode and it is ONLY targeted to the treatment area. Thus, an immediate result is visible!
2. LED Red Light
Excellent in diminishing the signs of aging. It is clinically proven to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, the proteins responsible for keeping the skin firm and toned.
3. Vacuum Suction
Physical therapy using the air pressure helps to improve blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage, face/body contouring and reshaping, and promote tissue metabolism.
• Innovative Multipolar probe (Combination of Radio Frequency, Vacumm Suction and Red LED Light), delivering focused treatment with an immediate visible result in 20 minutes!
• User-friendly interface
• Shorten the treatment time with 3-in-1 probe! FAST BUSINESS TURNOVER!
• No consumables, cost effective
• Light weight beauty instrument - saves space!